System Integration

How to Integrate 

with SmartOWON TM Platform?

By offering Mobile App Software Development Kit (SmartOWONTM APP SDK), the System Communication Protocol Interface (SmartOWONTM System CPI),  and the ZigBee Application Program Interface (SmartOWONTM ZigBee API), OWON's partners are allowed to create and maintain their own software ecosystem from the scratch on top of OWON's hardware platform, and further tailor their system with unique features and user's experience for various applications. so as to flexibly tailor their system with unique user's experience for various applications. OWON's partners could choose from the below THREE options in designing their own system based on OWON's platform, or integrate OWON's hardware system into their existing system. 

Option A: Mobile APP Software Development Kit (SmartOWONTM APP SDK)

Based on OWON's hardware platform (Smart Gateway + surrounding devices) and its existing Cloud Server solution, the APP SDK allows you to design your own Android/iOS mobile APP the way you want. It is exactly the same Development Kit OWON deployed in designing its own Mobile APP, which makes it a fully verified and thoroughtly tested source to create a realiable new APP. 


    • Don't bother with the hardware and Cloud Server solution, you could simply focus on creating the most attractive and user-friendly APP that suits your application scenario. 

    • You could even deploy OWON's Cloud Server application on your own Cloud Server Space, and manage the entire backend system by yourself. 

Option B: Communication Protocol Interface (SmartOWONTM  System CPI)

The System CPI describes both the communication protocol and data contents between the Smart Gateway, the Cloud Server and the Mobile Apps, which enables you to construct the entire software ecosystem from the scratch on top of OWONs hardware platform. It also allows you to integrate OWON's hardware platform with your existing sytem. The CPI describes: 

    • General: TCP/IP protocol, communication ports, JSON data format, requests callback mechanism, timeout mechanism, etc.;

    • Local Area Network: system login, Wi-Fi network configuration, ZigBee network management, device management, etc.;

    • Functional Application: upstream status reports, downstream request commands, etc.;

    • Wide Area Network: online registration, system login, account management, communication heartbeat, time synchronization, etc.


    • Create your own Cloud Server application and mobile APP from scratch by following the System CPI.

    • You could also integrate OWON's hardware platform (Smart Gateway + Surrounding devices) into your existing sytem using the System CPI. 

Option C: ZigBee Application Program Interface (SmartOWONTM  ZigBee API) 

OWON's Smart Gateway is equipped with a ZigBee module, a Micro-Processor and an IP-based communication unit (WiFi, Ethernet or GPRS). By following the standard of ZigBee Pro and ZHA profile, the ZigBee module is responsible for the ZigBee network management and specific communciation with each surrounding device within the network; while the IP-based communication unit is the contact window of the Smart Gateway interfacing with the mobile APP and the Cloud Server. Therefore, the Gateway Application Firmware running on the Micro-Processor, plays a crucial role of mirroring the complicated ZigBee Local Area Network to an IP-based single device, thus to be accessed by the universal network technologies. The ZigBee API provides an intermediate interface between the ZigBee module and the Micro-processor allowing a developer to design the Gateway Application Firmware even without any ZigBee Knowledge. By using the ZigBee API, you will be able to: 

    • Manage the ZigBee Network such as enable/disable new devices to join the network, discover available devices, create device list, collect devices information, etc.

    • Manage ZigBee devices such as add/remove devices from the network, identify and address devices within the network, rename device, maintain network address, update device information, etc.

    • Control or monitor ZigBee devices: address a specific ZigBee device within the ZigBee network so as to be accessed by the application layer, conduct downstream command to the device, collect application data from the devices; etc. 


   • Like Zigbee, but don't know too much about it? Now, you could use the ZigBee API to create your own ZigBee system by developing your own Gateway Application Firmware on top of OWON's Smart Gateway, from where you can further develop your Cloud Server and Mobile APP freely. This would significantly save your efforts and investment in digesting the ZigBee technology, while still give you the maximum flexibility of designing a system as you wish. 

   • OWON will be continuously upgrading the ZigBee API to keep up with your system expansion.