ODM/OEM Service

- Transfers your ideas to a tangible device or system

- Delivers full-package service to achieve your business goal


Core Competencies

-Technology-oriented strategy that enables the sound capability of R&D and technical implementation;

-20 plus years of manufacturing experience backed up with a mature and efficient supply chain;

-Stable and consistent human resources as well as active employee involvement due to the humanity corporate culture;

-The combination of "international accessibility" and "made in China" guarantees high-level customer satisfaction without sacrificing cost effectiveness.


Professional ODM Service

OWON is highly experienced in designing and customizing electronic devices specified by the customer's needs. OWON offers full-line R&D technical service including industrial & structural design, hardware & PCB design, firmware & software design, as well as system integration.


Sound & Solid Technology Platforms

A variety of ready-to-go technology mix to satisfy customer demand in various industries and applications

Unique and Outstanding Talents

Professional team backed by strong technical background and business proficiency that enables seamless technical communication with customers worldwide

Flexible Order Volume Welcomed

Willing to grow with customers, OWON welcomes projects and orders in flexible scales

Competitive Operational Cost

Complete R&D and manufacturing facilities located in China offering cost-effective ODM service


Cost-Effective Manufacturing Service

OWON has been engaging in volume production of both standardized and customized electronic products since 1993. Through the years, OWON has accumulated abundant experience and competence in product manufacturing, such as Mass Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, etc.


Production Capacity

Sophisticated workers with streamlined production lines in meeting various mass production tasks

Stable Human Resource

80% of production line workers have 5+ years' experience within the company

Manufacturing Planning C MRP & ERP

Equipped with Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Quality System C ISO & TQM

ISO9001 certified since 2003, continuously implements company-wide Total Quality Management (TQM)