Smart Energy, a way to save

Always shock by your monthly bill?
Why not simply clamp a power clamp onto the main power line and the energy monitor will automatic estimates your usage and sends the data to your phone. With the ability to track your usage records, you¡¯ll be happy with next month¡¯s bill.

Check current usage

Automatic closes unnecessary appliances to prevent circuit overload and energy wasting.

Statistical Usage Data

Adapt a positive energy usage habit through estimating daily, monthly or even yearly energy usage.

Energy management planning

Plan your daily, monthly or yearly energy usage and compare it with real time usage. Receives warning when you¡¯re reaching your limit, so there¡¯s no surprise when the next bill comes.

Compatible with OWON Smart Gateway

Everything starts from OWON Smart Gateway, as the heart of your Smart Home system, connects your mobile phone with all Smart Devices sprinkled around your home. It keeps your system working stably 7/24 given its powerful processor and efficient software design.
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