Safe at Home, Safer out of Home

You can always make your home safer expanding your security systems. This includes door/window sensors that keep your pet always inside, a motion sensor that notifies you if someone breaks into your house or a smoke detector warning you in case of fire. You will receive the fastest alerts from your smartphone once your home is in potential danger.

Secure Home Door/Window

Simply mount a sensor onto the door/window to make your home smartly secured. Arm the security system when you leave your home and you will get an immediate notification if someone breaks it.

Say No to Strangers

Highly sensitive infrared sensors catch anyone who brakes in. No matter where you are, you receive instant alerts in case of any irregularities.

Beep Beep Beep ¡­

It is said that a large fire can burn a room within just 10 seconds. Therefore, you need to be warned at the first second to be able to take appropriate measures.

Compatible with OWON Smart Gateway

Everything starts from OWON Smart Gateway, as the heart of your Smart Home system. It connects your smartphone with all smart devices in and around your home. Thanks to its powerful processor and efficient software design, it ensures your system¡¯s stable performance and keeps it working reliably 24 hours, 7 days a week.
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