Home temperature is on your hand

Still waiting the air conditioner to cool up in the summer? Or your body keeps shivering because of the cold weather in the winter? By installing a smart thermostat in the central heating system or using a split A/C controller in your air conditioner, you can always monitor the temperature ahead of time using your smart phone. Now, you can warm up or cool down your house before you get home. .

Wireless Smart Thermostat

Remotely control your smart thermostat like how you control your other smart home families. Use your phone to create a schedule to warm up your room before you arrive home.

Adjust daily temperature

Set your temperature remotely using your mobile phone anytime of the day

Automates weekly schedule

Create a weekly schedule for the thermostat to run differently at various time of the day.

Split A/C Controller

Pair your air conditioner with our A/C controller so you could monitor it anytime using your mobile phone.

Cool your house while you¡¯re on your way

Enjoy your summer as you don¡¯t have to wait your room to cool down. No matter where you are, switch on the air conditioner and step in with freshness.

Forget to switch off and you leave

No worries. Simply use your smart phone to turn it off

Tired of searching the remote control

Nah, Forget it. Grab your phone
Imagine how simple is that to on/off your air-conditioner remotely by simply plugging the Split A/C Controller beside your air conditioning system and control remotely using your mobile App

Compatible with OWON Smart Gateway

Everything starts from OWON Smart Gateway, as the heart of your Smart Home system, connects your mobile phone with all Smart Devices sprinkled around your home. It keeps your system working stably 7/24 given its powerful processor and efficient software design.
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