Control your Household Appliances Anytime

Plug & play smart plug turns your appliance into a smart appliance in a few minutes, and allows you to experience your smart home immediately. With the use of mobile App, you can further program, control and automates you appliances anywhere anytime.

Forget to switch off as you leave

No worries. Off your appliances remotely using your phone.

Use water heater in a more efficient way

Schedule your heater to warm up automatically before taking a shower. Saves energy, saves money.

Morning song with a cup of coffee

Imagine your coffee is ready before you wake up, and next music is on. So good isn¡¯t it? This dream comes true with the use of smart devices.

Say no to Power Killer

Do you know that majority of household appliances still consume little electricity even in sleep mode? With a Smart device, you can just grab your phone and tab the screen to power off everything in your house.

The Best Budget Estimator

Check and track your daily electricity usage through mobile App. You can always have an idea on how much you¡¯re spending.

Control your light in different ways

More Options For You To Control

Mini Remote Control

Use your phone to turn on/off the lights even when you are home? Maybe not? A simple click using a Remote Control could be a better way, or more interestingly, you could play with 12 groups of lighting keys or all on/off functions. Remote Control also allows the kids and elderlies to enjoy the smart life experience as much as you do.

Smart Home Control Center

Enjoy your customizable SCENE by tapping a button

Compatible with OWON Smart Gateway

Everything starts from OWON Smart Gateway, as the heart of your Smart Home system, connects your mobile phone with all Smart Devices sprinkled around your home. It keeps your system working stably 7/24 given its powerful processor and efficient software design.
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