Lighting Solutions

OWON offers different lighting solutions for you to create a smart lighting under your roof. Build your smart lighting system and experience controlling your lights and create a comfortable brightness anytime using SmartOWON app.

Control your lights anytime, from Anywhere

ON/OFF your lights using SmartOWON app or set schedules to automate. Customize your bulb¡¯s brightness and color temperature for every moment of the day.
Shut down the lights without getting out of bed
Lights on the moment you step in
Backyard Lighting switch on/off in unison with sunrise and sunset
Light¡¯s on like you¡¯re always home

Make your lamp Smarter

It looks like nothing has change in your lamp after connected to a smart plug, isn¡¯t it? But actually, you can now ON/OFF the light using the APP or even set schedule to automate.

Another Solution ¡­

Light up like a magic

ZigBee Power Relay

Simply install a power relay into your existing wall switch so you can remotely control the connected light using the app. You don¡¯t need to change your existing wall switch or lights.

More options to control

when you¡¯re at home¡­

Remote Control

Turn ON/OFF your lights using a Remote Control could be a better choice when you¡¯re at home. It allows kids and elderlies to enjoy the smart life experience as much as you do.

Wireless Switch

Always searching for a switch in a dark room? Simply mount a wireless switch on the wall in the most convenient place so it is always easy to locate.

Control Panel (To be released)

The main control panel that allows you to set and customize your favorite SCENE. Simply choose your SCENE for every moment such as HOME¡­ AWAY¡­ HOLIDAY and more

Work with Smart Gateway

OWON Smart Gateway is a hub that connect you and all your home automation products together. A small plug and play device connects all your home control in one central place and allowing you to play them using your SmartOWON app.
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