Light up differently

Use smartphone to switch on/off the light or schedule the light to operate according to the plan.
HOW? Insert a smart power relay into the current circuit or use a smart plug in your desk/floor lamb. What makes it better is that you can use wireless switch or mini remote control to do the works more conveniently than mobile phone when you¡¯re home.

Control your lights anytime, from Anywhere

Experience smart lighting by controlling them anytime using your mobile phone.
Shut down the lights without getting out of bed
Lights on the moment you step in
Backyard Lighting switch on/off in unison with sunrise and sunset
Light¡¯s on like you¡¯re always home

Something special in your lamb

It looks like nothing has change in your desk/floor lamb after plugging in a smart plug, isn¡¯t it? But actually, you can now on/off your lamb with a simple click. So next time, you don¡¯t have to always reach the lamb to turn it on.

Transform you light to a smart device

Light it up like a magic trick.

ZigBee Power Relay

Remotely control your lights by inserting a power relay into the existing power line. Specially designed to suit any homes.

Control your light in different ways

More options for you to control

Mini Remote Control

A simple click using a Remote Control could be a better way to turn on/off your lights at home. It allows kids and elderlies to enjoy the smart life experience as much as you do.

Wireless Switch

Always searching for a switch in a dark room? Simply mount a wireless switch on the wall in the most convenient place so it is always easy to locate. It is extremely low power consuming, the batteries can last up to a year.

Smart Home Control Center

Enjoy your home and customizable your favorite SCENE by simply tapping a button on your control panel.

Compatible with OWON Smart Gateway

Everything starts from OWON Smart Gateway, as the heart of your Smart Home system, connects your mobile phone with all Smart Devices sprinkled around your home. It keeps your system working stably 7/24 given its powerful processor and efficient software design.
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