Buildup your own Smart Home System

A Gateway and a SmartOWON App are what you need to start your Smart Life Journey.

OWON Smart Gateway

As the heart of your Smart Home system, it connects your mobile phone with all Smart Devices sprinkled around your home. It keeps your system working stably 7/24 given its powerful processor and efficient software design. This simple palm size masterpiece looks just perfect no matter where you place it inside your house.

ZigBee & Wi-Fi

Anytime Anywhere

Plug & Play

Affordable & Scalable

API Integration

"SmartOWON" Software Application

Simply download "SmartOWON" app from Apple Store or Google Play to stay connected with your home.

Customize and enjoy your favorite SCENE

Turn off all lights, shut down all appliances, standby your HVAC system, arm your security system, endless hassles before leaving your house? Now, one single tap on your phone does these all. OWON system allows you to define various SCENES as you wish: Home, Away, Night, Party, and more…

Local Control – An alternative Solution

Use your phone to turn on/off the lights even when you are home? Maybe not? A simple click using a Remote Control could be a better way. Remote Control also allows the kids and elderlies to enjoy the smart life experience as much as you do.